Rockstar Games Discusses about GTA V Patches and Temporary Shut Down of the Servers

The staff at Rockstar Games has clarified why they shut down the GameSpy servers. On the 29th April, Gamespot reported that the changes which Rockstar game is about to implement will not affect the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. The changes will affect other games hosted on GameSpy servers such as GTA 4, Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption and etc. GameSpy servers are used for hosting Rockstar Games Social Club and GTA Online Leaderboards in video games that are created by Rockstar Games. Shutting down the servers will have negative impact on the statistics of the video games including Grand Theft Auto 4, Midnight Club series racing video games and Red Dead Redemption.  They are also temporarily shutting down the online version of a few video games including Max Payne 3, Playstation 3 of  Midnight Club series racing video games and etc. Currently, they are  developing new patches to fix the issues. They will be shutting down the Gamespy servers at the end of May. Rockstar Games did not reveal the list of games which they will be updating with a new patch. The patch will reduce the negative impacts caused by the shutting down of the servers. The full statement from Rockstar Games can be found below: The servers used in hosting the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are not the same. GTA 5 Online has encountered a number of issues ever since it was debuted in the market. For example, the characters can get deleted all of the sudden for no reason. Many hackers use cheats software to generate a large sum of illicit currency in the GTA 5 Online. As of now, GTA 5 is only available for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. However, there are rumors that Rockstar Games is launching the PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions soon.  Over 32.5 millions copies of the game have been sold even though they didn’t release the versions for other platforms. The screenshots of the GTA 5 campaigns taken from the Rockstar Games Twitter page can be found on top  gta 5 online money hack so you choose what to do.


Rockstar Games Clarifies on the Money Hacks and Collecting Bounties with Illicit Cash in GTA V

Rockstar Games has provided further explanations on the suspensions of players’ accounts in GTA 5 Online following the launch of the 1.08 patch. On the 31st December, there was a player who posted a question on the Rockstar Games’ Twitter page about the suspension of accounts that belonged to players who spent the illicit cash. There was also another player who wanted to know if he can get banned for collecting bounties that has illicit cash.The representative responded that they won’t get banned if they did not use the cheats software or modding tool.  Rockstar Games reassured fans that they won’t be giving any penalty to players who did not deliberately receive the illicit cash. If there happened to be illicit cash in the bounties you collect, you won’t get penalized if you are not cheating. Rockstar Games released a new patch to fix the money hack problems in GTA 5. They have also disabled the lobbies in the game. They are going to develop more patches to tackle with the hacks and mods in the GTA 5 Online. The slideshow to the left provides a few screenshots in the multiplayer GTA Online.

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